10+ Benefits Of 'OM' That Will Make You Believe In Its Divinity 

It represents Hindu trinity Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.

Most of us know what chanting the spiritual word 'Om' leads us to. It brings the feeling of utmost peace to mind and body and calms our soul. More importantly, it brings with it a bundle of positive energy.  

Om is not just a sound or vibration. It is not just a symbol. It is the entire universe, whatever we can see, touch, hear and feel. It is the powerful force that can heal our body and even regenerate it to a level we cannot think of. The spiritual atmosphere that is created by its chant is just divine.   

But what we may not know is that if the word is chanted slowly, syllable by syllable we can observe its three sounds – a, u, m. If we chant only ‘a’, what we observe is that there is vibration in the genitals. After this, if we chant only ‘u’, then there is vibration in our chest. Finally, if we chant only ‘m’, then we can feel the vibration in our head. So, this is how the energy that travels through our body gets channelised in our head for utmost utilisation. 

Here are some more facts about the powerful mantra OM that will make you believe in its divinity and sacred blessings.