Once A Beggar, This Mother Of 1400 Kids Is Spreading Compassion Around The World

"We rise by lifting others!"


“I am strong, because I have been weak.

I am fearless, because I have been afraid.

I am wise, because I have been foolish."

This is the motto of Sindhutai Sapkal, the mother of thousand kids. No, it is not a life on a bed of roses that made her realize this truth. It is the dark and deep hardship of life which made her shine brighter as the sun in the life of many. 

Proudly calling herself a beggar, this lady started begging for food when she was just 20. First for herself then for the orphan kids she adopted.

No, this is not a story of rags to riches but a story that proves even the slightest ray of humanity can shatter the world of darkness.

Today, we present you with the inspiring life story of Sindhutai Sapkal, the mother of all. Who affectionately says, “if you do not have anyone then I am there for you.”(Some of the pictures used in the story are for depiction purpose only)