Before the Finale, Here Are 26 Hilarious Tweets on IPL You Must See

If you are an RCB fan, get ready to be trolled! 


Fans eagerly wait for Indian Premier League to happen. I don't know if it is eagerness of watching players playing cricket or enthusiasm of trolling the team and players not performing well on the field. Because no matter how the teams are playing, one thing that will never stop is Twitterati trolling the players and their teams. 

Since we are talking about IPL, all those who don't know, even Dhinchak Pooja has made a song for her favourite team, CSK. *Silently praying for the team* 

I know you will hate me for this, but here's what her song says: "Jeetenge bhai jeetenge, Chennai Super Kings har ball ko peetenge, Chennai Super Kings!" 

*Pretending like I didn't say anything*

Since the finale is near, here are some hilarious tweets that will surely tickle your funny bone.