15 Before And After VFX Scenes From The Blockbuster Movie Baahubali

I just couldn't believe my eyes.


Indian films, Baahubali - 1 and Baahubali - 2 are the biggest blockbusters of Indian cinema. 

Not only the story and the cast have impressed us, but the greater than life scenes have given the movies a special touch.The movie made a record earning of more than Rs 1,000 crore within the 10 days of its release. 

It will be no exaggeration if one states that the visual effects (VFX) of the movie are a prime reason behind its mammoth success. 

From the empire of the great kingdom, 'Mahishmati' to the real life-fighting scenes, every shot from the movie stunned us. 

Apparently, a large and talented team of VFX artists would have been needed to make such heavenly graphics that took us to a dreamland of 'Mahishmati'. 

Here's a compilation of some of the scenes of the movie, which show how they looked before and how they looked after the visual effects were added to them.