Baahubali Actor Prabhas Finally Finds His Devasena And She's Not Anushka Shetty

Can you guess who she is?


When the hunky actor, Prabhas, signed up for Baahubali, he carved his path to being the perfect man for many ladies out there. With his gentle spirit and courageous demeanour, Prabhas was the best match for his female fans. But has he met his soul mate yet? 

In a recent news article, it was revealed that the actor had been involved with his co-star Anushka Shetty. Both the talented actors were seen getting close a while ago, but the rumours have been put to rest. It was also said that Prabhas has finally found his lady and plans to get hitched pretty soon. 

So who is this lady? Until now, she's been kept a secret because she doesn't belong to the industry. Prabhas and his family are protecting her identity to avoid unnecessary media coverage on the topic. So who is she? When do we finally get to see her? Keep reading, and you'll find out.