Meet the Power Girl Who Flew the Fighter Jet Solo, and Made India Proud

"If you fall into enemy hands, does it matter if you're a man or woman?"

Women empowerment is the most prominent issue in our country these days. But in between all the hullabaloo on social media and the rallies led by women demanding their rights, a 24-year-old accomplished her dream of becoming the first female Indian Air Force pilot to fly a MiG-21 Bison fighter aircraft alone. 

This brought to my mind two Bollywood films Rang De Basanti and Mausam which is based on the Indian Air Force. Why, you ask? 

In both the films, the characters of fighter plane pilots are played by a male actor. No! I am not saying Bollywood is sexist. The point here is that Bollywood never had a real-life female fighter plane pilot to look forward to. 

Well, I guess like every other woman of the country, now even Bollywood has a new inspiration. So how about we learn more about this woman who is breaking the stereotype.