Australian Senator Breastfeeds Her Baby In Parliament And This Is What She Has To Say

Law and times are changing!


In Australia, Queensland Senator Larissa Waters just made history by being the first parliament member to breastfeed her baby in the chamber. Of course, her baby, a two-month-old little girl named Alia Joy, made history as well by officially becoming the first baby to be breastfed in the Federal Parliament. Waters was fully within her rights to do so (breasted Alia), since the Australian Parliament changed its rules regarding infants in the chamber and breastfeeding last year, to allow female lawmakers and such to not only bring their offspring to work with them but to also nurse their infants in the chamber should the need arise. Before the rule/law change, infants and children of all ages were banned from the chamber, which was a policy that made it quite hard for young women to embark on careers within Parliament.  

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