Artist Wajid Khan Writes 'Indore' Using Empty Utensils To Give A Powerful Message

Unbelievable! Purely work of a genius.

Artist Wajid Khan, the man who is famous for the traditional "Iron Nail Art" and many other similar art forms, has once again done something remarkable that the world is talking about. All of us know, Indian rivers are facing a hard time as they go through a drastic change in the 21st century. Due to the constantly rising population and pressure of infrastructural development, the all-time flowing rivers have turned seasonal. The smaller ones have even vanished, while some are fighting for their existence on Earth.

The artist recently joined the Rally for River campaign led by Sadhguru which includes the journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on creating the awareness about how Indian rivers are transforming for all the wrong reasons. For this cause, Sadhguru will reach Indore on September 22,  where he will participate in Rally for River event at Daly College.

Nail art maestro, Wajid Khan, who is also a crucial part of this campaign and who also genuinely connects with nature just like other artists, had his way of welcoming Sadhguru and other guests in Indore.

The genius, Wajid Khan, wrote a big #Indore in the city, near Kahn River using the empty utensils and the message they give is deeply moving.

Have a look!