Ariana Grande Makes A Brave Move To Pay Tribute To The Manchester Victims

A truly courageous step!

On Monday, 22 May 2017, the UK faced one of the biggest terrorist attack in its history at the most unexpected place in the world, at an international musical concert of the American rockstar, Ariana Grande.

As soon as the news prevailed, the celeb fraternity moved into shock and all those people in Manchester who'd known that their children and friends will be going to attend the event were furious to find out if they're okay. 

Almost everyone who heard the news was scared, importantly about the harm, which this terror attack had caused. After all the speculations, and interrogations, the Police announced that many people have died, dozens have got injured, while some of them faced serious injuries. The officials also caught a guy called Salman Abedi, and soon after, ISIS took the responsibility of causing this mayhem.

Social media platforms flooded with fans tweeting and sharing statuses about Ariana and victims. Fortunately, the star was safe and was sent back to the US.