Are You An Emotionally Abusive Person? Take This Quiz And Find Out Now!

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When I was studying I took psychology as one of my major subjects. Human behavior has long fascinated me and reading up on this topic has always been a great hobby of mine; so much so that I have decided to use my knowledge of human behavior to create little quizzes for you, my valued reader. 

Today I have put together my first quiz, designed to pick up whether someone has the characteristics and tendencies of someone who is emotionally abusive towards his/her partner and/or others. 

Let me just add that this quiz is by no means meant to replace the professional opinion of a trained psychiatrist and is just meant for personal use and entertainment purposes. Once you are done with the quiz, be sure to read the result that pops up at the bottom. 

Have fun and remember to share this quiz page with all your friends!

(Images used are for illustration purposes only)