These Dogs Are Deeply In Love And Their Fabulous 'Wedding Photoshoot' Truly Proves That

Dogs stay LOYAL in love!

How do dogs confess their love? Probably they confess it through deeply felt, loving 'barks'. Maybe because they believe in loudly announcing their love to the world, so every other dog around can hear it and come to know about their romance!

Meet Kaya, the smiley White Shepherd, and her husband Hades, the black sable German Shepherd. They both love going for long walks, in the gardens, alongside the roads, in the forest and everywhere else, where they could relish the beauty and express their love. 

When Bored Panda spoke to their owner, he said that though both are 2-year old, they have contrasting personalities. Like, Kaya is totally independent, loyal and loving. She’ll do everything to try and please me. While Hades is quite dependent, extremely cuddly, loves everyone and tries to get everyone’s attention. 

The owner, and Reddit user GallowBoob always wanted two dogs so they can grow together, play together, so everyone else around them can have lots of fun. The owner is living that dream now and sharing his joy with the rest of the world. 

Take a look at the cute and adorable pictures of this cute couple, and decide for yourself how much they are in love.