An Open Letter From A Daughter To Her Mother

Dear Maa...


Dear Maa,

Remember those days when I used to jump from the bus and hug you everyday after school. You knew how my day was, if my smile did not fade away. Remember, when I returned with a swollen face, you knew I had been scolded for something… Remember, my long face? You knew my best friend had a fight with me. You have seen all my faces, isn’t it? Dad would never understand that as much as you could. 

I grew up, I had secrets to keep from you. I did get scolded in college, punished for tantrums, had fights with besties but I never repeated those expressions. Still you knew from my silence that something went wrong in the last few hours.

My practice of keeping secrets made me a fine liar and I refused to show it to you in any case when I grew up to be a working woman. I made sure my irritations do not disturb your night’s sleep any more. But there is, this instinct in you that developed as well and you knew it from some actions that I was not my normal self. ‘I tried to laugh even if my salary got delayed for months, I partied with you even if I had a firing from boss. But your scanning thoughts knew the heavy lump in my throat and you were always there for me.