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Fast And Furious 8 Is Coming And Vin Diesel Reveals Where The Movie Will Be Shot

Vin Diesel has been busy lately with his new project, The Last Witch Hunter. And it's not long since we lost Paul Walker and the Fast and Furious team completed the 7th movie in his honor and everyone remembered him with it. Speculations have started to rise that 8th project in the series is being planned, but not until someone confirms it, or has it been confirmed, what are we missing?

While Vin Diesel is busy with The Last Witch Hunter

He had been trying to cope with Paul's loss ever since and given a lot into his new project.

While Paul Walker is being missed by all

Vin has recently told that he and Paul had this truce that Fast and Furious series will never end and it will just go on. With that the talks about the next in the series ignited high.

A recent confirmation of F. Gary Gray as director came

Furious 8, as it would be called, will be directed by Straight Outta Compton fame F. Gary Gray, who is also known to have given us The Italian Job and Law Abiding Citizen. Excitements are rising each day.