Remove Your Ex From Your Picture And Replace With A Celebrity

The 25-year-old lady Kaitlin Kelly has devised a brilliant solution to deal with those memorable pictures of you and your ex which you don't wanna delete. The solution is a mind blowing one. Can you imagine if your ex-partner gets replaced by some famous celebrity like Zac Efron or Megan Fox in those pictures? Now, you can actually get rid of your ex in those unforgettable pictures and treasure them for a long time. Check out this collection of L.A. based photographer if you are looking for the same.

1) 'Out of the box' idea!

Kaitlin Kelly possesses the awesome skill of editing celebrities over your ex using Photoshop in all those pictures which you can’t delete because it was a memorable trip to your favorite destination.

2) It actually started as a joke

Kelly experimented for the very first time with her own pictures in which she has replaced her ex with “50 Shades of Grey” fame actor Jamie Dornan.

3) Unbelievable work!

"This specific work was completely by accident and started as a joke." Kelly told Next Shark.

4) Kaitlin used her photoshop skills in an excellent way

“I was sitting around with a friend one night bemoaning the fact that a lot of my favorite photos of myself from high school or early college have my exes in them, neither of whom I’m very keen to see. My friend suggested that, since I have the skill, I may as well Photoshop over my exes with celebrities, and the rest is history!”

5) Appreciation received by Facebook group

“I posted the photos in a Facebook group earlier in the week, where I first got the indication that other people might be interested in having it done for them, and it very quickly became a viral story. So all of this is very new and very exciting!”

6) Amazing business plan!

She received a great response which made her think to start an Etsy shop where anyone can take the advantage of her service.

7) Anyone can avail this service

“So far I’ve been contacted by a lot of people, far far more than I ever imagined. It’s crazy how you can never predict what the internet is going to love. I’ve done so many pieces of Photoshop art in the past that haven’t caught on, and something I thought was just a joke has turned into something huge and very important to a lot of people.” <br> Kaitlin Kelly can be contacted on her website or Facebook. If you like it then share this amazing story with your friends too.