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10 Powerful Photos Show People Declaring ‘My Body, My Terms’

People will object to anything and everything, even if it is something they don't own or know about, they will comment. The sole reason for this habit is that they have nothing else to do.  #MyBodyMyTerms is something we need to develop more for people who suffer because of this habit. Villianesse, New Zeland media company created the slogan for the development of more rational thoughts, talk about sexual violence and the importance of consent. 


This guy takes pride in having his body tattooed all over and also having the tattoo showing people that it's okay to talk about it.

Hope for a better future

Maybe in future one day when we can talk about everything and having sex on consent doesn't become a taboo, we will move beyond and see a better future. Where equality is rationality stand together.

Strech your arm

This guy stretches his arm and shows his tattoo proudly to the world in the hope of betterment.

Number is just a number

Fat or skinny, whatever the skin type, accept the person, not the weight. This girl proudly shows her tattoo to the world and prays for acceptance by this harsh society.

Need to open up

Rational thinking and new thoughts develop when we discuss things. The discussion will only happen when people open up and rather than fearing they talk about everything openly and be accepted. It's not a luxury they ask for, it's a right.