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Cops Decided To Enter This Abandoned Building But What They Found Inside Was Shocking

Do you know the number of abandoned buildings in this world? Well, that's not the point. What secrets these buildings carry in themselves is any day much more interesting. Officers of Chicago police department decided to go inside this abandoned building after hearing some weird and creepy noises. And what they found inside is just incredible. You will feel thankful to them for this brave step of rescuing the horror building.Here is the full story of this amazing rescue!

After hearing some weird noises, Chicago Police Department officers decided to investigate an abandoned building.

They found these dogs who looked like walking skeletons to the cops!

They both were taken to Trio Animal Foundation immediately after being rescued.

Both of them had their first meal after months in the rescue center.

Medics soon discovered that the canines are in critical condition.

The female dog was named Emmy who weighed only 24 pounds.

According to Trio Animal Foundation, “She should be close to double that.”

She was very thin and was carefully taken care at the center.

Meet the Emmy's hero, which they named Oscar.

He was weaker than her as he was also suffering from hypophosphatemia. It's a disorder that affects the amount of oxygen in his blood — this jeopardized his heart, red blood cells, skeletal muscle, and brain cells.

He was also close to liver failure.

Both of them are now doing well, after spending months in the center and getting proper food