On In

The bride is upside down.. no one knows why.

Why is groom his biting her hand?

Have you seen something bizarre as this? but the girl enjoys this, so all good.

This Beluga Whale photobombed and made this picture perfect.

This lucky couple was fortunate to have audience in attendance at their wedding, as the dolphin curiously observed from above.

Eat the Napkin

These two guys started with their own stuff when they got interested in this Napkin, all other guests are enjoying it.

Green is the colour of wedding?

What are these damn guns for?

These Bridesmaids.

Time to leave the planet now. Although, we are tempted.

This bride is some cousin of Jackie Chan.

The Couple pose in this hilarious way.

This man is having a time of a life.

This man loves burger.

This bride should be thinking that her groom loves burger or her more.

We can't wait anymore.

The wedding is more, now let's start the action.

These guys are some action flick or in a wedding?

Riding the Pony.

This groom is so sweet. He let his bride ride on the horse and himself chose pony.

Wedding with the reptile.

The bride looks pretty freaked out. The groom has brought his pet to his wedding.

Say Yes or they will smash you.

This offer is like they can't refuse. The guy must be scared or it's other way around?

Hold him or he will fall.

The guy has got a bottle of Vodka and the girl is princess.

We should love green.

The bride and groom getting married to give a message of living with trees and greenery.

Not sure what's happening.

The bride seems that everything is fine but guests in the wedding are really feeling awkward.

Non living things can also photobomb.