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16 Struggles Of A Girl Who Is Never Seen Without Lipstick

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” - Gwyneth Paltrow   A day without lipstick is a pretty dull day in the life of a girl. Like really dull. And who better than them would know the struggles that come in the path of getting your lips prettier and glittering! Here they are and do tell us more about the ones you have.

1) Changing your entire outfit to match your lipstick.

But that what happens eventually.

2) And that merciless smudge!

3) To add to it, the teeth-stain that just doesn't go.

4) Every time. Literally every time!

Every time this happens, my heart cries for the lost wax of my lips.

5) Even your boyfriend starts asking for a handshake instead of a kiss when leaving for work.

Or may be flying kiss. But not on the cheeks. Please no.

6) And so does your dog.

7) None of your coffee mug is spared.

And it's not sexy like they show in movies.

8) And you give up when drinking.

I quit.

9) Applying lipstick while in a moving vehicle has never been successful.


10) That attempt you make whilst drunk.

Oh, poor you!

11) Forgetting to remove lipstick before going to bed leaves the bed sheet screaming for a wash.

12) Such shops make you feel glad about your empty purse(only for a few seconds though).

13) But that one shade you always wanted is way too expensive.

14) And the ones you own will never be the 'right' one.

15) And the shade you wear the most is discontinued by the cosmetic company.