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These Photos Are The Proof That Global Warming Is Destroying The Planet

There are certain problems which are affecting the whole world equally and are of international concern. Terrorism, heinous crimes and global warming are to name a few. But what makes Global Warming stand out is that it is not just affecting Human beings or nature, it is affecting animals to a greater extent. The reason behind it is simple, human beings have started living in a civilisation while the only habitat to the wild animals is in the woods or far away in the lap of nature. Global warming, on its very basic, is leading to the melting of Arctic icebergs. The Arctic icebergs are melting and contributing to the increase in the sea level which will affect everyone directly. The Arctic animals are having a bad time due to all this indirect human intervention. Let us know how.

Polar Bears on risk!

The female polar bears are worst affected by the lesser availability of food. This is further affecting the young ones who are very seldom able to live for more than two seasons.

Gut-wrenching pic!

This pic was taken by Kerstin Langenberger who was born and brought up in that region. She says that it was a very rare pic as she has never seen a polar bear as thin as that!

Worst that could happen !

This is the second one of the two saddening and eye-opening pics that were clicked. Kerstin adds that this was the first time in her life when she saw a dead and thin polar bear! This proves something is wrong!

Svalbard, Norway

We are not sure that the exact reason behind the death of the polar bear was Global Warming. But it is sure that Global Warming is leading to ice-melting and hence the polar bears are unable to prey on seals! This is leading to lesser availability of food.

Global Warming will some day lead to this!

If the icebergs melt, it will not only kill the animal habitat but also eat up many cities which are developed on the sea shore!