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YouTube Hacks To Enhance Your YouTube Experience!

Youtube is Internet's largest video sharing platform, and thankfully has probably not contributed to the list of insane deaths due to social media! But it does not stop at just that! YouTube knows how to keep its users happy, and your YouTube experience is never good enough until you know these hacks we've listed here! Check them out!

I bet you didn't know about them!

1. Infinitube

Enter your choice of keywords into this site and it will create an infinite playlist based on them. You're totally gonna love it!

2. Dragon Tape

Want to create a seamless mixtape of YouTube clips? Dragon Tape is here to help! Search for the clips you want, drag and drop to set up the play order and then share the playlist with friends via an auto-generated URL, or embed it with the code provided.

3. Mix Tube

MixTube is a great, simple tool that lets us easily create and share music playlists from YouTube videos just by adding the URLs to a list!


Did you know you can create link of a specific scene of a YouTube video by adding #t=MMmSSs (replace MM with minutes and SS with seconds) to the end of the URL? Well, Splicd simply takes this concept one step further. It lets us cut down a YouTube video by entering start time and finish time. We can then share the edited clip with a URL or embed it with the code supplied. Awesome, huh!

5. SynchTube

SynchTube allows us to watch synchronized YouTube videos with up to 50 other people with a chat window along the side, so we can IM about what's happening. So now the gang can hang out online and enjoy movies and video clips too!

6. TubeChop

TubeChop shares exactly the same principle as Splicd. TubeChop, however, lets us make an edited selection by sliding a bar along a timeline. And you might come to appreciate TubeChop's visual editing process.

7. TubeReplay

Easy tool to watch your favorite video over and over until you are fully satisfied.

8. YouCube

This unique little tool lets you create a "YouCube," an interesting, if slightly offbeat way of sharing YouTube videos. Enter the six YouTube videos you want to appear on each side of the cube and it generates a spinning 3D cube of your videos that you can then name and share via a shortened URL. Now that's 'out-of-the-box'!

9. YouFlow

This is an alternative way to enjoy videos over the net. Enter your key words and a selection of results will be displayed in a cover flow-style layout that you can scroll through. You can choose to play multiple videos right from the results. Something that is much more difficult to do with YouTube's queues and playlists.

10. YoTube Doubler

Do you want to compare two videos, or have fun mashing together two patently unsuitable videos? Then simply visit YouTube Doubler and enter the two URLs, decide on your VJ name, and you're off and away. You can share your video pairing via a generated URL.