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Celebrities Re-Imagined As Not So Famous And Rich. #12 Fits Perfectly

Imagine how Angelina Jolie would be if she was not Hollywood's most gorgeous diva. She might be spending life as a common housewife, isn't it? New York City-based artist Danny Evans has prepared a series with the name Celebrity Make-Under where he transformed the famous celebrities into an ordinary people. He used the Photoshop skillfully and turned their photographs just opposite of how we always see them.  Here, we are introducing you to the ordinary version of some famous celebrities. Via

What if they were not celebrities?

1. The Kardashians - community workers

2. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as an ordinary couple.

3. Johnny Depp - a salesman

4. Chris Brown - a lawyer

5. Tom Cruise - a fast food employee

6. Kim and Kanye - a fat couple

7. Larry King - a common grandpa

8. Jon Hamm - construction worker

9. Pam Anderson - an entertainer

10. Madonna and Lady Gaga - ordinary mother and daughter

11. Rihanna - human rights activist