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You Will Be Amazed When You See What This Old Lady Did To Her Ordinary House

A two-story home located in the West Toronto neighborhood of Bloor West Village is being sold by its owner, a 96-year-old Toranto resident. The house, which looks like any other ordinary house hides a secret within. Even the neighbours were unaware of her secret till now. The 96-year-old owner of the house is a seamstress by profession, whose lifelong dream was to become an interior designer but was unfortunately never able to fulfill it. She managed to decorate her home intricately in the era of 50's and 60's from floor to ceiling, ranging from metallic wallpaper to colorful carpeting. Despite her age, she with the help of her family has managed to maintain the home's classic beauty and eccentricities for 72 years. The interior remains the same, absolutely gorgeous and now the house is available in market for sale! Anybody would love to call this place home! Let's take a tour of this amazing place.  

Looks like just some other ordinary house from the outside.

This 96 year old lady, with no professional training of interior designing is finally getting the recognition she deserves.

Have a look at the wallpaper. Aren't they defining the 60's style perfectly?

The proud owner of the home says she prefers soft colors, and colors which match the surroundings and flow together.

It is clearly visible that her favorite colors are soft pastels. The custom cabinet hardware light fixtures in the kitchen are equally amazing.

Perfect for a cozy morning coffee or a Sunday brunch. Don't you think so?

The master bedroom highlights bright purple, lilac and a fuchsia setting.

Those little built-ins, the copper gold mirror and emerald velour. Lovely!

The owner's daughter remembers how pink has always been an integral part of her mother's style. No doubt this room is her favorite.

The bathroom is also pink, with a hint of matte gold in it.

Style maven's sewing studio where her love for purple and orange is showcased.

A fabulous, spacious basement which completes the retro look of the place, along with giving it a genuine playroom feel.

The basement bathroom features one of her favorite color again, lilac. And a function- forward accordion shower stall door.

Here's a fully equipped basement laundry suite! This home has seriously got it all.

There is a wonderful outdoor space too, complete with AstroTurf and swan planter.