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Japanese Lolita With Hijab Has Become The Latest Fashion Trend Of Muslim Girls

The famous Japanese fashion trend ‘Lolita’ has been blended with Hijabs by the Muslim fans of the fashion style and the result is heart-throbbing. The latest fashion trend from Japan, mashed-up with Hijabs has been welcomed with open arms all over the world. The Lolita trend involves wearing colorful and fancy skirts of modernized Victorian era-style or Rococo-style which are heavily accessorized and matched with perfection; from shoes to hair clips, from necklaces to handbags, everything is paired up flawlessly! This way, the girls follow the latest fashion trend adhering to their religious principles. To know more, please follow the Tumblr and Blogspot accounts of Alyssa and Noor.  

The coolest fashion mash-up is here and it’s amazing!

Being unique and equally adorable is a tough task for girls.

But when it comes to creativity, nothing can constrain girls to come up with the best styled-clothing.

The Japanese Lolita style is adored by women all over the world.

Some Muslim girls have combined the super cute outfit and their hijabs, resulting in lovely and stylish dresses to fall in love with!

Hijabs are perfectly matched with fancy and vibrant colors of the Lolita skirts and have become a sweet-as-candy outfit.

This amazing girl gang is sharing their Muslim faith without giving up its love for the latest fashion trends.

The lolita trend includes modernized Victorian era or Rococo-style dresses that are accessorized heavily.

Noor and Alyssa are the two Muslim lolitas who have pioneered the darling concoction of lolita regalia with their Muslim hijabs.

The flamboyant attire goes hand in hand with the Islamic religious principles.

The women following the trend are called ‘Lolitas’ and they meet up regularly and appreciate each others’ dresses, which they call them as ‘coords’.