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14 International Borders That Show The Shocking Difference Worldwide

The ambience of the border says so much about the bonding of two countries.Look at these shocking photographs of the geographic boundaries between the nations. These international borders are either set by nature or by the authorities. These pictures manifest the difference between their level of development, culture, and much more. In spite all these, some of them are cool and inspiring. They spread the message of harmony. PS: But what we believe is the earth is our common home and humanity has no borders. Images Via

1. Mexico and the USA

The aerial view speaks a lot about their difference.

San Diego on the left and Tijuana on the right.

These two nations also have a volleyball fence as a border.

2. Germany and Czech Republic

Germany maintains greenery while it seems nothing is done in the Czech Republic.

3. Sweden and Norway

A man enjoys stretching between the two countries.

A stunning snowy route works as a border between Sweden and Norway.

4. Haiti and the Dominican Republic

They both have a vast difference in the environmental structure. The Dominican Republic has a massive greenery while there is an enormous deforestation in Haiti. 

5. Sweden and Denmark

It looks soothing and heavenly.

6. Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina

A tri-border area between these three nations is called Triple Frontier.

7. Poland and Ukraine

In 2012, the border was decorated with fish arts during Land Art Festival.

8. Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium

Travellers say it is a unique experience to be in the three countries at a time.

9. China and Macau

Lotus Bridge acts as a unique border between Macau and China.

10. Austria, Hungary and Slovakia

The tripoint seems interesting!

11. Portugal and Spain

2,362-feet long zip line marks the border between these two nations.

12. Canada and the USA

These two nations have the longest international border in the world.

13. Brazil and Bolivia

NASA captured the aerial view. The borderline easily shows the difference between their level of development.