15 DIY Nail Art Ideas That Will Make You Look Like A Pro!

Most girls always want their nails to look good and that's why, I guess, nail polish was invented. Using nail polish, shaping them, manicure, pedicure and what not just for dead skin cells. How wonderful! One thing that girls want is their nail polish to look perfect always. They apply and re-apply just so it adds charm.  Maybe because normal nail polish was too boring for some people, people came up with the idea of having a nail art. Now nail art is amazing. It takes patience, some nail paints, also, some other material and just with that you can do wonders.   But so it happens that this job seems a bit hard, maybe you don't have many creative ideas or you want to look like a pro, but it doesn't happen.  So here are some DIY ideas for you to make you pro nail art look like pro.

1.Beady style.

Beads can be used for almost everything. Necklaces, hand bands and even nail polish. They are small and handy and they make things look prettier, no doubt about that. In this simple yet amazing do-it-yourself project, you can stick beads to your nails when you paint them and it can go with some dress.

2. Splatter it.

A frizzy-whizzy style where you can put on a simple bass and put some colours by splattering them on your nails (and a little on the table, in the first try at least). They are creative enough and look great on a beach party mostly. Don't forget to use tape so that you don't destroy your hands and also the straw, otherwise you're in for a tough job.

Ombre style.

Ombre paintings are easy and they look good every time. You don't have to devote a lot of time or effort for it. Think about doing the same to your nails. Sounds wonderful, right? Try it. All you need is a nail paint or two and a sponge to mix it together (if you want to).

6. Polka dots.

Polka dots are fashion since ages and we hope they don't fade away. They are good for shirts, hair bands, nail arts and almost everything. The best part about it is that it is very simple to make and they look stunning. It seems difficult to make polka dots on your nails, but it really isn't. Use a bobby pin for a perfect polka dot.

7. Add some lace.

Laces are extremely pretty. They look so good in every colour, pink, green, blue, black and especially white. So think how amazing would adding them to your nails be? Frankly, absolutely amazing. Just as laces look wonderful, themselves, adding them to your nails makes your nails look good and people will think you did a lot of hard work for the perfect design.

5. Nail tattoos.

Who doesn't love tattoos when they're not painful and harmful? Wait that happens? Yes, it does, but only for girls. You van easily get cool tattoos, maybe even different for every finger's nail. They are simple enough and they definitely are trendy.

8. Zig-Zag.

Do you want to use two nail paints at the same time? Maybe because they match with the dress you're going to wear or it's very difficult for you to decide the nail paint you want to use. So here's this really cool and super easy DIY nail art where you can use both the nail paints at the same time.

11. The nerdy one

If you're into books and literature, this nail art is something you're going to love. You can have a text printed on your nails and guess what? It's very easy. All you need is a base paint, mostly white (let it dry) and then soak them in alcohol. Then find your text from some book or newspaper and here's your perfect nail art.

9. Fishnet

If you are creative enough, you can use anything for a perfect nail art. So here's a person who used fishnet for their nail art and the results are gorgeous. It looks very intricate, but it's actually extremely fine creativity.

13. Make your own sticker.

Want to write something particular on your nails but find it very difficult to write on your nails directly (of course you will not even think about it in the first place) writing directly is a very messy job and it ruins your nails most of the time. But still every wish needs to be answered, and so is this one. To make a sticker is an easy job. Yeah, thank us later.

10. Half moon

Simple yet stunning, this nail art is perfect for sophisticated parties and events. The best combination would be black and gold, it would make you look high class and they look very pretty.

14. Let it snow!

Reminds you of Elsa, right? Yes. You can totally give yourself a snow inspired manicure. So if winter is coming and you want to adjust yourself to it, you can totally use this and make your nails look great and snowy (not literally though). It's also easy enough and don't worry you don't need true love for removing it. *Happy singles*

12. Metallic manicure

Gold metal is fantastic. It's classy and does with almost every other colour, but it adds a lot of charm itself and even if it's the only thing applied. To go be yourself a metallic manicure, you can use a gold sharpie and make things easier for yourself, like very easy. The best part is that it wipes off by rubbing alcohol. So you don't have to worry when you mess up.

15. Don't worry is if you messed up.

Many times it happens that you do some nail art and one nail or a part of it decides to cheat you and it gets messed up. But you do not want to redo everything and stuff because other nails are perfect. Yes, happens a lot. But don't worry, you can always add something new to your great design even after you messed up.

Scotch tape is the answer.

Scotch tape is in my opinion one of the best creations in the world. It is used for almost everything in this world, be it decorations, projects or whatever. You can also use scotch tape to make your nails look better by giving them various designs of your choice. It's a little difficult to get it in shape and everything, but it definitely is worth a try.