13 Creepiest Makeup Ideas to Light-Up Your Halloween!

Eva Pernas is a Spanish make-up enthusiast since her teenage years, she got her lip inspiration from the final scene of the movie Grease. Her work is so accurately scary that she could be called the Edgar Allan Poe of lip-art! Here we have compiled some of her art which is sure to freeze you right in your seats! 

What Eva had begun pursuing as just a profession has now made her a make-up artist!

Eva has a lot of clients on her list right from simple make-up advertising to huge ad-campaigns!

To ensure the safety of skin of her models, Eva uses lip balms for them before making-up their lips

This is a brilliant depiction of a cemetery!

It usually takes only 30 minutes for Eva to create these works of sheer art!

“I saw the final scene with that red and silver car and I decided to paint my lips with those silver lightnings.” Eva told Bored Panda while talking about her inspiration from the movie Grease.

Eva rightly knows the definition of spooky

.... and she depicts it through her work in her own manner time and again.

The full face make-up generally takes her 45 minutes to finish.

Kevin Aucoin's Making Faces has been one sources of inspiration for Eva.