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12 Genius Pranks That You Fear And Admire

Genius! Yeah. You heard me right. Who doesn't like being a genius! But being a genius in an out-of-the-box manner is always interesting. People find you cool. You are one of the most cheerful and also one of the most sought-after person. Here we bring to you 12 evil geniuses whose work you will fear and admire.

1. When you are away and the room is not in use!

2. What better place will one find for an imaginary clock other than a Bus Station!

3. And from this day these girls never braided their hair together!!

4. Camouflage at its best! Even Messi is gonna go berserk!

5. Just my mask, my hoodie and my trousers!

6. The Ever-Wet Hand Sanitizer! It never Dries.

7. Please! Watch out the Legos. Although, one is enough to turn you red!

8. Best way to scare the shit out of people having Pre-Marital , Unprotected sex.