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10 Celebrities Who Had The Most Embarrassing Moments Ever

No one can ever omit the worst moments occurred in their life. And especially, at the time when they have been embarrassed in public and caught by media. Handling awkward moments for us is not that difficult as we don't have to bother about getting embarrassed publically, but for celebrities, it gets extremely tough to handle and hide it from going public. Filmstars always try to look their best but after all, they are also as normal human being like us, and they too get trap into the world of awkwardness. Whether these anxious moments be wardrobe malfunctioning or anything related to their personal matters, the fact of feeling ashamed and downhearted is but obvious.In almost every ramp walks and award functions, some or the other actors and actresses come in the entire silly dressing styles that look weird to us but considered as a great fashion sense by them. But these fashionable clad sometimes lead them to some terrible wardrobe malfunctions. That further creates the most saddening and uneasy moments for celebrities. The series of embarrassing moments occurring with celebrities are very often, and they look more familiar because they always have media around them to cover their every action. Many celebs were caught badly on camera and became the prey of the hungry media.Some of the most hilarious and at the same time most awkward moments occurred with biggies that have been in a lot of buzzes. Some of the moments are like Dakota's malfunctioning at People's Choice Award, Katy Perry's falling on a cake and slipping on stage at the MTV Latin America Award function, Tom Cruise's couch jumping on the Oprah show, Jennifer Lawrence falls at the Oscars in 2013 and many more similar kind of funny incidents.These unfortunate celebrities had a bitter experience in their life. Their bad moments were busted on cameras and spread all over the world through social media and television.Whatever happened, we still love them!

1. Christina Aguilera turns dirty.

In 2012, while performing on stage at the funeral of soul legend Etta James, Christina started dripping. Later, it was reported to be some kind of a spray-tan malfunction.

2. Fergie pissed herself.

Fergie had embarrassing peeing incident in front of the crowd during her performance in 2005.

3. Tom Cruise freaked out on Oprah's couch.

Tom Cruise jumped on while declaring his love for then-girlfriend Katie Holmes. “Calm yourselves!” This is what Oprah told the audience at the moment. She actually wanted Tom to calm down.

4. Robert Pattinson forgot to lock the zip.

He was spotted leaving Bowery hotel (New York) with unzipped pants on June 2014.

5. Tara Reid suffered wardrobe malfunctioning during P Diddy's party.

At Diddy's 35th birthday party in 2004, Tara was badly exposed.

6. Angelina Jolie dusted in powder.

In 2014, during a premiere in NYC, Angelina Jolie appeared in the worst makeup in her life. Her entire jawbone and forehead looked powdered badly on the red carpet.

7. Khloe Kardashian's smock.

As her dress blew up in a breeze, her smock exposed.

8. Justin Bieber vomits on stage.

He had a disappointing puke during a concert in Arizona in 2012.

9. Britney Spears' half shaved head.

When Britney's half shaved picture leaked, it was quite embarrassing for her. In 2007, she shaved her head and people commented it was a scary comeback.

10. 50 Cent's failed pitch.

His worse throw during the match between New York Mets and the Pittsburgh Pirates in New York is called one of the worst opening pitches in baseball history. It was equally hilarious as well.