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9 Things You Didn't Know About Old Monk

Everyone has an 'old monk' experience to share with their peers and that's the reason why people who are in love with the monk don't bother about expensive Tequilla or whiskey. We're all sad that our favorite drink would be going out of the market soon but the company assured that Old Monk is here to stay. Here are some facts about Old Monk that you didn't know - 

1. The bottle of Old Monk is available in various sizes and shapes

It is also the third largest selling rum in the world .

2. The first batch of Old Monk was produced by Mohan Meakin in he Himalayan Mountains

3. And now its official production is done in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

4. Old Monk has never been advertised to the public

5. Old Monk is sold in different concentrations world wide

In India, its sold as 42% and in USA its sold as 40%. But the Army issue of Old monk is sold at 50%

6. The first Old Monk was tried on 19th December 1854

So let's declare that as an official 'Old Monk' day

7. Old Monk is also available in Beer known as 'Old Monk 10000 Super Beer'

But, one would hardly find the Old Monk beer available in India

8. Old Monk has lost its rank to McDowell's No 1 Celebration Rum as the largest selling rum

Even then, we folks would prefer Old Monk ANY DAY!