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13 Things Even The Toughest Of Girls Can't Deny

There are certain things in a girl's life which they do but never admit to. They have been doing certain stuff since so long and there is no proof about the same. Plus, an open discussion about these points will lead to commencement of World War IIIIf you are curious so as to what things am I talking about, then go through the below list.This is enlightenment.

1. Every girl desires for stain proof period panties as they wonder how their trousers look like when they get up.

2. After consuming a fruit, they like to say, I'm sexy, and I know it.

3. Even after a lot of hard work, their friends go back eith their ex.

4. The moment when you think your pad isn't at the right place, and you just try to do this.

5. Well, this is a true story.

6. You will always find a chairdrobe in every girl's room. 

7. They love pampering themselves and then say, I look cute as always.

8. When a girl says that periods are bad, you don't argue with them about this.

9. When you're a nutter and the guy dating you hate nutters.

10. When she didn't shave her armpits and then searches for long sleeves clothing to wear.