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The 20 Most Hilarious Facts About Women You Must Know

Women are complex yet beautiful creatures. If you want to understand them, then you can try these. Well, for men its just like winning a lottery to know all about a woman. Wishing you all, a very good luck on the way of understanding women.

1. It's the way to know their marital status!

This actually works in most of the cases.

2. Silence is not bliss for women!

Don't try to go in deep otherwise you will be the next target.

3. Learn the body language of a woman.

This will definitely help you what she actually needs.

4. Their stories are as complicated as them!

5. A way to make her want you!

6. Never do things according to her.

7. This is how the female brain works.

8. You will end up dying with hunger!

9. That's the reason, they are

10. You can be friend-zoned any time.

11. They live with double standards!

12. I think, it's still incomplete!

13. You can't smell the color!

14. Formula 101!

15. Some things does not make sense to them.

16. Always listen to mother!