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12 Dogs That Are Just Too Cool To Resist

Everyone's a dog person but are all dogs a human's dog? Something to ponder about. Some dogs are just ultra smart and some just love to make a fool of themselves by looking cool. Here are some of our canine buddies trying to get their 'groove on' - 

1. This dog has been waiting for a day off in ages now

2. Easter bunny didn't come around? We have a dog to do the trick!

3. This dog definitely knows his movies with the ladies

4. The skater dude dog

He's just too cool for his game, yo!

5. And this dog has no difficulty appreciating art

Look how he manages to pose!

6. The Red Riding Hood Dog

7. This dogs lets you have your fun with bubble wrap

8. And this one who would do absolutely anything for some cereal

Dogs will also obtain super powers of flexibility

9. Don't we all love a dog who shares love for pizza?

I mean, look at his eyes!

10. And this one would do anything to brighten up your day