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When You Will Know Why This House Is Affordable, You Will Get Goosebumps!

A sprawling mansion in Upstate New York is on sale with a price tag of US$105,000. The price of the 1880s Queen Anne-style home located at 32 Church St. in Camden is pretty affordable. But why? Perspective buyers are convinced that the bungalow is ghost-free. But, Google Street View identified something strange on it, and it is totally shocking. After observing three sets of white handprints on the windows of the third floor, your head will spin for sure. Apart from this, the spectacular house with a circular tower and a conical roof has incredible interior beauty.  There have been many records of strange activities in and around the mansion. People have noticed apparitions, strange noises and screams in the rooms. Source

Real haunted house owned by ghosts is for sale.

The interior designs are superb.

See the Google Street View screengrab. Could it be?

According to the owners, there had been no one to make prints.

This haunted house is listed on the U.S National Register of Historical Places.

Looking around the rooms, you won't feel that the house is haunted.