On In Minimal

6 Hilarious Posters Every Engineer Can Relate To

Are you an engineer? If yes, you are the one who knows the "real" fun of life.  Wittyfeed came up with these minimal that perfectly depict how the life gets changed when you passed out engineering. 

This is how life changes after engineering.

1. Extreme hunger made me like that.

2. We become a "night owl".

3. Guys, it's a real me. *wink*

4. Thanks to Engineering! I became a cool dude now.

5. There is nothing wrong in that, I just learned self defense.

6. There is something, that still remains unchanged.

So, what did you expect? Engineering life is not a miracle that it could do everything for me. But whatever, it's a great fun and we get to learn many life lessons. At the end of the day, we just proud to be an Engineer. Agree?