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15 Shocking Facts About Hitler That You Never Knew

Everyone knows something about Adolf Hitler. Born in Austria, leader of Nazi Germany, high school dropout, love for a Jewish girl, committing suicide, etc. are well-known facts of Hitler. But, that's not enough to know about him. Here are some shocking facts about Adolf Hitler which gets revealed now. Do not forget to share some more Hitler's secrets with us if you come to know else the below stated.

Shocking Facts About Adolf Hitler That Will Boggle Your Mind

1. Men With One Testicle

It hurts men a lot when someone hits on his testicles. Hitler lost his one testicle during World War One.

2. Born Warrior: Four Of His Siblings Died.

Hitler was such a brutal men who created more space for love from his parents even before his birth. He had four siblings that died in their early childhood named as Gustav (1885-1887), Ida (1886-1888), Otto(1887), Edmund (1894-1900).

3. Reason Behind Hitler's Wish To Be A Priest

Hitler was saved from drowning in an icy river by a priest when he was only 4 years old. Perhaps, this might be the reason why he wanted to be the priest when he was a child.

4. Everyone's Fear Hitler Was Facing Cats Fear

Funny How? Hitler was suffering from Ailurophobia, the fear Of cats.

5. Hitler Was Gay

Doctors who used to treat Hitler were interview by the U.S. Army after the World War 2 and by the evidence it was found that Hitler was gay.

6. Disney Lover

Hitler was a born artist lover and he loved Disney's creations. Happy to know that we have at least one thing in common.

7. Giving Away Free Book To Newlywed Couple

"Mein Kampf" is an autobiography of Adolf Hitler. Hitler never penned down longhand but instead dictated it to Rudolf Hess during his prison time (1923-24). Hitler gave away his book for free to every newlywed couple.

8. Affair With His Own Niece

Hitler shot his own niece Geli Raubal in the year 1931 due to bisexual love triangle involving the Nazi leader and his Jewish chauffeur-bodyguard, Emil Maurice.

9. Homicide Nominated For Noble Peace Prize

Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939. How come a man who murdered millions of people be nominated for peace? Strange.

10. Men Who Didn't Shoot Hitler

If Henry Tandey wouldn't have spared the life of wounded Adolf Hitler in 1940, then millions of people would have been survived. Henry failed in forecasting what Hitler could turn out to be.

11. The Poison Kitchen

"The Poison Kitchen" was named by Adolf Hitler to a group of journalists of the Bavarian Newspaper, The Munich Post who were disparaging of Hitler and reveals highly negative investigative exposes about Hitler.

12. Hitler was afraid of Blades

Another Hitler's weakness revealed is, he is afraid of blades. Next time when you walk in your salon, feel proud while shaving.

13. Britisher's Revenge Time

British spies came with a plan to twine Hitler's food with female sex hormones to hold back his vigorous impulses.

14. Adolf Hitler's artwork was sold for $450,000 at Nuremberg Auction recently, on June 22, 2015.

Hitler's paintings are worth buying if you have millions of dollars in your account.

15. Hitler And Osama Bin Laden were announced dead on May 1.

What a coincidence!