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7 Posters That Will Make You Love Your Father More

We might be grateful to our Dad once in a year on Fathers' Day, but he makes sacrifices for us, all 365 days. There is no way we can pay him back the love and care he showered on us. All we can do is to express our feelings and let him know how blessed we are to be born to him.  Here are 7 posters with beautiful messages we all would love to convey to our Dads. Do let him know how much you love him.

I couldn't be more blessed than having to be born to you.

For watching cartoons with me all the time and being the cutest video game companion.

For being the one who couldn't see even a single drop of tear in my eyes and would do anything to make me smile.

Every time I hurt you, you forgot and forgave me, with a smile.

I know you didn't buy a shirt for yourself to buy me a pair of skates last year. I will always be more than grateful to you for having such a golden heart.

Be it the school bullies or the college crushes, you were the one I could easily discuss all my problems.

Because you are the Best Father of The World.