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If You Have a 9 to 5 Job, These Shayari Will Speak Your Dil Ka Haal

The world of corporate jobs is another wonderland that millennials are a part of. Here you have a boss who is accused, abused and made fun of regardless of the fact that she/he is a good human being or not. If you are a boss, you are bound to be trolled. Then there is a Human Resource (HR) person who can literally make your life hell at work, but trust me my HR is wonderful (I hope she's reading this). You also have the cleaning staff or the peon who have their own swag and attitude. Then there are people like you and me who, no matter what, have complaints and these complaints are legit.My colleague Ambar Verman tried to pour his heart out and as a 9 to 5 employee himself he came up with some honest shayari about the same.

Because everyone has a talent... 

In every office, there is one person who masters in the art of bootlicking. 'Yes Master' or 'Yes Boss' is the answer they have to every new rule in the company. They bootlicked their way through college and do the same to get a promotion at work.

When I work, they suddenly become blind.

When the employees work overtime on Sundays, the HR and team leaders suddenly become blind. But if you are late to work, the look that they give you just tears you apart.

Completing targets is like climbing Mt Everest   

Monthly targets are something that is beyond a common employee's reach. They just can't achieve them no matter how hard they try. 

Duniya badalne chale the, lagta hai company badalni padegi. 

Filling excel sheets and maintaining work logs pretty much sums up the life of most corporate employees. 

Lying to get leave is the new trend.

Some employees have to, unfortunately, make excuses like, a death in the family, ill-health and what not, only to get leave for a day.  But how many excuses will you come up with?

The biggest scam in this world... 

The term 9 to 5  is a farce because you might enter the office at 9 am but you never leave it before 12 am.

Is that true? 

Virat Kohli was called a traitor for getting married in Italy, but corporate employees don't even get to celebrate their festivals. Who is a traitor now?

The true meaning of zillat... 

The office boy's swag is way above Salman Khan's and you gotta bloody believe in it. He doesn't give a flying f*ck to anything. That's all, people.   If you too have felt the same pain share these Shayari with your friends. Disclaimer: The shayari in this story were written by one of our writers. WittyFeed has a copyright on the information above.