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An Inspiring Author and Entrepreneur, Prachi Garg's Super Power is that She is a Woman

The founders of WittyFeed were recently featured in a book titled Super Siblings. The book was written by third-time author and entrepreneur Prachi Garg.*Okay, so you're a published author, plus you are an entrepreneur?* "I love travelling, me, along with my sister used to pack up our bags and board whichsoever train/bus standing at the station," she shared during the book launch while talking about her startup, ghoomophiro.com. Her enthusiasm, confidence and liveliness grabbed all of our attention, and that is when I decided to talk to her and know more about what drives her. 

Meet entrepreneur and Indian author Prachi Garg 

Author of three books, a motivational speaker who also features in the list of Top 10 Indian Women Who Made It Big Online and has also co-founded www.ghoomophiro.com, Prachi Garg is definitely not an ordinary woman. 

"Well, writing is in my genes."

Prachi has been an avid reader since her childhood and has always wanted that someday people read HER novel and talk about it.

"As an author, we hold a moral responsibility to inspire the youth as people look upto us." 

ghoomophiro.com happened to her by chance. It is an enterprise where the team organises corporate tours based on the customers’ requirements and budget. While working for her company, she came across many women entrepreneurs that inspired her to write her first novel Superwomen.

"Keep on working on your drafts."

A writer never feels satisfied with their writing, and being one, I asked Prachi how she handles the dissatisfaction. She shared that at such moment, "you need to read your drafts multiple times and keep on working on them." 

"Technology has helped me in multitasking and juggling different roles."

No doubt women excel at multitasking, but handling a start-up and writing a novel, that is one tough job. Prachi shared that she couldn't have done this without her family's support and how she chose to prioritise her tasks.

"As a child of 9 years, I used to pen down letters to editors for various magazines, newspapers. My short stories have been published both in Hindi/English magazines. As I started travelling more frequently for my work, I started writing more frequently and this is how I manage writing along with ghoomophiro," Prachi said.

How is life as an author?

To this, Prachi replied very calmly, "To me, it is still the same. The difference that I primarily see in myself is the happiness/glee on my face with every reader’s feedback. Every-time I receive a message on my social media profiles that one of my books has inspired a reader, I feel motivated and content. Another beautiful part of being an author is the love and affection people give to you and the way, they look up to you." 

"Entrepreneurship is the subject very close to my heart."

So far, Prachi has written three books, Superwomen, Super Couples, and Super Siblings.Superwomen narrates the story of twenty female entrepreneurs who have played all their roles with perfection. They managed their families and their ambitions so well showing their true mettle. Super Couples brings to light couple-preneurs, who have proved that the myth that work and home cannot be mixed is not true.In the world where relationships are made and broken with a drop of the hat, Prachi's Super Siblings is about brothers and sisters who are travelling together, taking up hobbies together and also building enterprises together. 

"Honestly, I never titled my novels as 'Super'. It just happened and we saw a great response, hence continued with the same." 

Prachi is a genuine example of how women these days are not just limited to doing one task all their life. She is an author, a traveller, an entrepreneur and most of all a PROUD WOMAN. Image source: FacebookI hope her story inspired you the same way it did me. In case if you also have an exciting story to share, do write to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com.