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Even Before We Could Get Rid of Holi Colour, the Streets of Indore Were Neat and Clean

Indore will remain No. 1.


Apart from poha-jalebi and eating late night at Sarafa, Holi and Rangpanchmi are two festivals that make Indore city stand out from every other city in the country.For an Indori, what happens in the city on Rangpanchmi is nothing new, but a non-Indori will be amazed to know that, gers and faag yatra are taken out on the streets amidst the shower of gulal and other dry colours. There is dholak, DJ and lots of music as well. Yes, this is Indore for you guys and I am proud to be a resident of this city. However, adding to this pride is what happened in my city after this year's Rangpanchmi celebration.


This is what happened at Rajwada in Indore on March 6, 2018

According to a Bhaskar report, just half an hour after the Ger got over, Rajwada and other nearby areas were spick and span. Not claiming that the city is not clear otherwise, but just look at that video.

There were over a lakh people at Rajwada celebrating Rangpanchmi.

The last time so many people gathered there was after the 2011 World Cup.


Here is what we witnessed the next day

The colour that you saw in the previous image, all that was gone by today morning. Surprised?

Don't be...

The festivities were managed in a much better way this year. Shop owners and residents had covered the shops and their houses with waterproof sheets a day before to avoid the splash of colour. And even the people who came to party hard knew how to behave.


A sense of responsibility has sunk in the residents

The remarkable point here is that Indoris are so conscious about maintaining the cleanest city tag, that they chose the colours that wouldn't harm anyone.

My pride of being an Indori has just increased

We often blame the administration for mismanaged events, but I am proud that this year, one of the biggest events of the city went quite well. All thanks to the determination of the residents and officials to keep the city clean is worth praising.That's all, folks. I hope you are also proud of your city the way I am. Let's keep Indore No. 1.I hope you liked the story.If you have an exciting story to share, do write to me at