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6 Quotes by Piyush Mishra That Will Touch Your Heart 

Words have the power to both destroy and fix, it depends on us and how we choose to use them. Many poets like Gulzar and Rumi have tried to master that art and in turn have given us poetry that has helped us understand life better.Following suit are poets and shayars of the twenty-first century who have added their own spice to the magical power of words. One such poet is Piyush Mishra, whose words are full of wisdom and humour that connects with the youth of today. Not to mention that you can never get enough of reading or listening to him. So for those who are fond of poetry and haven’t read any of his works so far, here are some of his best quotes that will touch your heart 


“Humans should be correct in their own eyes, the world is unhappy even with God.”


"I often want to call all my wishes on a feast and give them poison by fraud."


“I find solace in writing a couple of words on paper, it enables me to cry without anyone hearing my scream.”


“I sent you emotions again today, and once again you only understood the words.”


“I didn’t even realise when those moments got spent, which I had kept hidden to live.”


“Life is so weird, it is tough to spend evenings, while years are just passing by.”While we’re sure these quotes gave you goosebumps, Techkriti, IIT Kanpur gives you a chance to listen to this extraordinary man in person. Piyush Mishra will share the story of his life which is nothing short of awe-inspiring at Techkriti. Thanks to Campus Events Private Limited for making this happen.