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With Increasing Crimes Against Women, They Need to be Their Own Heroes

Standing at a bus stop alone, headphones plugged in ears, a girl is waiting for the bus. There comes a gang of boys whiling away their time. Spotting her they start whistling, trying to grab her attention. What would she do in such a situation? She has two options either to ignore and take an auto or stand up for herself. In most cases, a girl chooses for the first one, for the simple reason that fingers will be pointed at her either because of her dressing style or for having the courage to fight back. It is this that has instilled the chalta hai attitude in many girls who have accepted eve-teasing as a part of their daily life. Who is at fault for this?According to me, it is us, girls...

We are tired of fighting because...

According to Indian Express, in 2015, over 36,400 cases of rapes were reported in India. And in 2017, an average of five rape cases were reported every day in Delhi. This is despite the candle marches, the protests, the social media campaigns. 

We have lost trust in the system because...

People who we elected to make the country a safe home for us have let us down forcing us to give up the fight. What is saddening is that it is us who elected them. And it is this chalta hai attitude that Mission Sahasi wants to change.

What is Mission Sahasi?

Mission Sahasi is a joint venture by Vidyarthi Nidhi and the student wing of Bharatiya Janta Party ABVP aimed at helping women gain back that confidence that they have lost.  As a part of this initiative, five different phases of campaign were organised through various colleges of Mumbai in the last one month. The final event or as they called it, the mega event was held at BKC ground in Mumbai today (March 6, 2018).

A month long campaign...

In the last one month, over 32 lakh members, that includes over 8 lakh female students from across the city, have been trained under the guidance of Master Trainer Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj.

The demonstration was attended by Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis

And Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon

Making of the fearless

Most of us have heard the quote, "Be the change you want to see", that is exactly what this initiative drives to do. Instead of giving in to the fight against the crimes prevalent in the society, why not become capable enough to win over it and be empowered. Come and be a part of #MissionSahasi.