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This Unapologetic Queen of Comedy Will Show You the True Meaning of Self-Worth

Hello shaggers, I'm shagz didi.  And then there's also Shagun didi, makeup didi, Tinder aunty... And every time you feel the world is ending, you can come up and have a big laugh watching all of us...  Before these characters came in our life, Instagram stories and Snapchat were just some boring social media applications. But today, most of us log on to these apps to meet and greet the many shades of comedian Mallika Dua. Her quirk, wit and the knack to bring out the everyday-Indian-girl in the most ridiculously humorous way on the Internet speaks volumes of how she as a 21st-century woman will never shy away from sharing what she feels.  I happened to have a small conversation with her and getting completely lost in my fangirl moment, I penned down everything from her equation with her mother to the message that this #WomanOfWorth has for other women of the society.

Tell us something about your equation with your mother?

As we speak of strong and influential women, Mallika has literally taken the world of comedy by storm with her unique puns that almost fit into every situation. I wanted to know what is her equation with that one person who she has always looked up to. “It was very different when I was growing up and then it just became completely different when I grew older. She would always oversee my academics and I didn’t do that well. Mumma was strict and dad would always save me, he was the lenient one. Gradually, as a woman, I have seen my mother change a lot. She tries to know me well,” Mallika told me. She further added: 

“The best thing about my mother is that she never said that my studies are suffering because I was into extra-curricular activities. She always encouraged me to sing, act and debate. She was just a concerned mother. And today, I can talk to her about almost ANYTHING. My parents are my friends.”

Who gave you the confidence to be yourself and share what you feel? 

"It has always been a combination of both my mom and dad. But, definitely, the outward confidence to be able to perform was from my father. Because as I was growing I have seen him all confident in the media world. On the other hand, my mother is so effortless and she can do everything. So, it is from both of them." 

When her fans mimic her...

Mallika and the characters that she has brought to life on social media have become so integrated into our lives that many of us try to be like her. Even I tried to mimic her, and that is when she mentioned that when people tell her "Scyauz Me" instead of a "Hiee", it makes her smile. 

Who, out of all your characters, is the closest to the real Mallika? 

“Aesa koi hai nahi (there’s no one like that), all my characters are very different from the real me. The real me is kind of an introvert but I definitely talk like “scauz me” and all, my characters are very unreal. I mean, in real life we would never come across someone like Shagun didi. But, I really enjoy playing the new character that I have named Shalishka who is an up-market snobbish girl.”  

Do you think the Internet needs more women-centric videos like "A Woman's Besties"? 

Our conversation went ahead and we started discussing about humour as a weapon to educate people on serious issues. I asked Mallika what is her take on it, to which she answered: 

“If you try and educate people in a different way they are definitely going to take interest. Situations and issues that were not looked into before, if packaged humorously will become more understandable. People of today will relate to issues if we use humour to educate them.”

What importance do women hold in the growth of comedy? 

Being people's favourite and making them smile each day is not an easy task especially when you are a woman. There are many challenges that women face in the industry and I wanted to know if that happens in the world of comedy too. So I went ahead and asked my favourite female comedian what was her take on this. She proudly said:

"There are definitely many opportunities for women, some also face a lot of discrimination but I believe that delivery and content is important. It is not just gender, many women are taking up comedy. I have always felt that there is no male comedian, female comedian... you are a comedian. And if you are trying to excel you have to compete with everyone. In fact, main toh chahti hun ki itni ladkiyan aaye ki male-female hatt jaaye (I want many women to be a part of it so that the gender specification is not there)."

"Aadhi takleef humein humare under confidence se aati hai" 

Mallika shared that the field of comedy would definitely prove beneficial if instead of fighting the divide, women chose to be a part of the circle. It will give them more confidence and they can do anything that they want to do. 

Do you have a special message for your fans and other women? 

"Yes, I want everyone to know that you must not let anyone tell you what you are capable of or what you are not capable of. Even if it is your parents, siblings or husband they cannot tell you. If you really want to do something, go out and GRAB IT."

A lesson that everyone should learn 

"We are always taught that you should not do this, you should not do that. We always try to impress people and yeh jo humein bimaari hai sabko khush karne ki isko humein piche rakh dena chahiye, har kisiko khush rakhne ki bimaari bhot kharab hoti hai. (we have a disease of making everyone happy and we should leave this habit behind) We cannot keep everyone happy and we should not aspire to," she said. With utmost intellect, fun and charm Mallika is making many people smile each day. She is undoubtedly a #WomanOfWorth. That's all people. If you have something to share drop me a message at muskan@wittyfeed.com