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10 Reasons Why 95% Indian Men Don't Prefer Using Condoms 

Talking about condoms in India is like taking Voldemort's name. "Oh sorry. Did I say it out loud?"And in between all this hullaballoo is this condom maker, Durex trying really hard to promote safe sex. Years after they sent everyone in a tizzy with their eggplant flavoured condom, the brand is now back with its campaign #HateCondom. As a part of the campaign, Durex asked people on social media, Why don't Indians use a condom? This post spread like wildfire, and some answers will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Durex India posted the question on Facebook and Twitter

They asked, "What’s happening India? 95% of Indians don’t use condoms! We’d love to know why?" And this is how people are reacting to it.


Durex, here are some excellent flavour suggestions for you.

OUCH! This ought to hurt. 

The reality of guys in India

Is that so?

Okay! I will pretend I didn't read this. 

This man has a valid point. 

Another kinky response... 

Do Indians hate condoms? 

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