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Saloni Chopra's Perspective On Gender Equality Will Give You a Reality Check 

Recently, a lady was shooting with her team wearing a bikini. Suddenly, she noticed a man taking a video of her. She went and politely asked him to delete the pictures. He turned around and insulted her. She then switched on her phone camera and started shooting the man instead. "If I’m not accompanied by a guy, it’s okay for strangers to photograph me without my consent? If I’m alone, I’m making a big deal? Walking down the street, wearing what she likes, living her life - she’s not asking to be porned out," she then shared the same on Instagram. The lady was none other than Saloni Chopra. Yes, the one who calls herself 'Feminist AF.' Saloni has always been in the limelight for her attempts to break the stereotype by highlighting sensitive issues concerning women. And after this incident, I decided to talk to her and know what inspires her to be this vocal and influential.

"No, I am not like this from childhood."

We began the conversation from her early days which is when she shared that she wasn't this bold as a kid. She was a quiet child who had no friends. "I had small patches of hair on my head, and my mother never offered me a cap."Who would believe that a lady who never talked to other kids is now creating a storm with her words and fighting the hypocrite society. 

"My mother? She is a staunch feminist." 

Saloni shared that it is her mother who has inspired her to stand for what she believes in. Also, Saloni uses her mother's last name. "I may have been born under the supervision of two, but I was solely raised by one. My mother. From learning to walk, talk, my education, my view on life and people, everything that I am today, is the work of the women on my maternal side. They sure as hell raised one strongly opinionated girl," she stated in one of her Instagram posts. 

"It is the incidents over the years and the movement from country to country that transformed me."

It is over the time that she learned to stand up for herself. I remember when I asked Saloni about her interests. She laughed a replied, "Travelling. I am often broke because of it... and making documentaries." Over the years, Saloni has flown from country to country, and all those experiences have contributed to what she has become today.

"Negative posts make my day."

Saloni never gets offended by any negative comments about her on her social media. She instead believes that all those negative comments make her day. "Those people who don't agree with me, they are the ones I am writing for," she stated.The best part is, she uses those negative comments and make posters out of it. Yes, as you can see in the picture, "Bewdi kuch bhi likhti hai," is actually a comment she once received. Isn't she amazing?

"How will these girls concentrate on their studies if they are busy handling their boobies and sitting appropriately?"

People often talk about women empowerment; they hope that modern girls will break the stereotype by becoming doctors, pilots, soldiers, but are stuck with things like "Aise mat betho."How are women supposed to grow, if they are objectified every time and for everything they do? 

"Mothers buy underwear for their sons, but have you ever seen men purchasing bras for their daughters?"

"Why do we have to sexualise everything?"During ancient days, bras were considered a luxury. But now it is merely something used to objectify and sexualise women. Also, a mother feeding her own child is natural, it isn't something that should be sexualised. 

"Why do I need to compare myself to men?" 

"What is feminism to you?" I asked.Saloni's reply was very modest yet moving. She said that earlier feminism to her was about being equal to men. "But why do I have to be like men. I want to be what I want to be. And that is what feminism is for me," she expressed.

"Women, please stop hating other women!"

Saloni explained this statement very modestly. When two women cross each other in a pub, they judge each other. If the same women spot each other in a washroom, they are as sweet as sugar. A woman against woman will bring our downfall. Why can't we all have a good set of girlfriends?

"You don't have to look perfect" 

Small waist, big breasts, great ass, this has become the definition of a perfect girl, right? But the question is why do women have to look perfect? It's the imperfections that make them stand out. They just need to be comfortable in their own skin.Saloni Chopra also made a video to spread the same message.  

"Free the nipples' isn't 'literally' freeing the nipples. But about 'doing what I want to do and being what I want to be." 

After interviewing Saloni Chopra, I realised that the only thing a woman needs to learn these days is to stand up for herself. Call it her lifestyle, her work, her relationship, her dreams, what she wants to wear, where she wants to go and what she wants to be, JUST STAND FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. Yes, people won't accept you at first, but again, WHO CARES? That's all folks. Image source: Instagram I hope you liked the story. If you have an exciting story to share, do write to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com. Disclaimer: The details in this story were shared with the writer during an interview. WittyFeed has a copyright on the information above.