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These Funny Locations on Google Maps Can Leave Any Sane Man Perplexed 

Funny names are something that no one can escape from. We tend to call our friends or loved ones with funny nicknames. I still remember the time when Varun Dhawan’s film Badlapur released and there was a big hoo-ha about the name of the place.It was only later that most people realised that Badlapur is actually a place in reality. Google Maps has many such locations with weird names. The names of these places are so unusual that you are going to roll on the floor laughing.Not to mention you might just think twice before visiting these places.

Tatti Khana 

We all have heard terms like pagal khana, dawa khana but this is definitely a first. This is located in the state of Telangana. Will you ever think of visiting it?


No, I am not abusing anyone. There is actually a place named Chutia.


I have often questioned where this friend of mine, who cracks lame jokes came from, looks like I now have an answer.


One of my colleagues always says, "Jaa goo kha le", I am not certain if someone can eat goo but one can definitely visit Goo and stay there.


Ummm... I don't even know....

Nind St.

This is for my best friend, who is always sleep deprived. I am assuming people who live here are always sleepy and that is why they named the place Nind Street.

Chatur Bhata 

I think this place is meant for people who conspire and pretend to be very intelligent.

Bakchodi Center 

Do you also feel this place has a connection with AIB (All India Bakchod)?Well, I am not sure about that but I am really surprised with the fact that such places actually exist.


Missing your suar friend? So am I.

Kunwari Road 

All those girls who aren't married should see check this place out, and probably get a picture clicked so that they get a perfect groom.That's all people.You must have hardly heard of these places so if you feel like your friends should visit them, share it and let them know about it.NOTE: This article is WittyFeed's original and if you wish to use the images or the information shared, please use it with proper courtesy and credit.