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5 Perfect Reasons Why You Should Become A Part Of Youth Festivals

The colleges in India aren’t just known for their academics, they are also known for their big fat cultural festivals. It’s true many colleges put their best efforts to make their youth cultural festivals entertaining and exciting for their students. With extraordinary activities, competitions, star-studded performances, college festivals increase the social interaction among students, as well as engage the students in several other activities.The most significant time in a college student’s life is this cultural festival - which brings the whole college together. If you haven’t been to a cultural festival, here are five perfect reasons as why you should never miss out on one:

You get to learn 

Youth festivals aren’t just about dancing, drinking, or eating food. One gets to attend several workshops of different kinds to learn a new set of skills. Youth festivals usually host workshops related to designing, photography, coding, dancing, etc.

Sharpen your public speaking skills

All the best colleges in India usually organise MUN as a part of their cultural festivals as well. A MUN is an extracurricular activity in which students roleplay the delegates of United Nations and its other committees. MUN gives an opportunity to students to find solutions to real-world conflicts, and also enables them to develop their public speaking skills.

You get to spot your campus princess

As the name suggests, Campus Princess is a competition for all the beautiful ladies to showcase their charm, and get a chance of becoming the next Miss India.

You get to compete

Cultural festivals are just the perfect place to compete in a friendly atmosphere. And who knows, if you're lucky and skilled, you can even win prizes. Events like filmmaking competition, couple dance, solo dance, battle of the bands, war of DJs and RJs, MasterChef, etc take place in a cultural festival.

Music and mouth-watering food 

Apart from that, there’s also great music and tempting food to keep the energy at its top.If you're wondering where to go, a sensational cultural festival is just about to begin at NIT Warangal. Attend the SpringSpree 2018, from 9th-11th March.