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10 Soulful Quotes by Ravinder Singh that Will Remind You of Your One True Love

"There is more to love than just loving. It is also a promise."


I Too Had a Love StoryCan Love Happen Twice?Tell Me A StoryYour Dreams are Mine NowThis Love That Feels RightThese are some bestselling novels written by Indian author Ravinder Singh. A programme analyst at a leading multinational technology company who started writing after a tragic loss in his life, Ravinder Singh in an interview with the Times of India said, "One day I will be gone from this planet too, but my love story will live. That is how I became a romantic author."Recently, the author published his eighth best-seller, Will You Still Love Me. Here are some quotes that will remind you of your love story that you thought would never end. Have a look: 


Sometimes the best comes when we least expect it.

Unexpected conversations are often the most compelling, right?

You gather all the strength to call, but...

This happens in a lot of cases. 


There is more to love than just loving. It is also a promise... 

...a promise to love someone until the end of time. 

When nature becomes even more beautiful after falling in love.

 Waking up with the thought of meeting or being with that loved one...


With every inch of skin his finger moves on... 

There is nothing more intense than the touch of your lover. 

Then there is the journey from love to marriage...

Every love story has its own challenges. The solution is to fight those odds.


Goodbyes are a wake-up call.

All the things that are often not said during the relationship must sometimes be told during the goodbyes.

The story from the scenic hills of Shillong to the shahi city of Patiala...

A wise man once said, "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."


There comes a time in everyone's life when...

In such situations, just remember to keep moving forward. 

In the end, we all are humans.

Humans are as unexplainable as their existence. No one knows what goes inside that little head of ours, especially when we let our feelings take control of us. We then try really hard to soon get back on track, after all, we are humans. That's all, folks. I hope you liked the story.  The article is an excerpt from the book Will You Still Love Me, written by author Ravinder Singh, and published by Penguin Random House.