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Janhvi Kapoor's Emotional Message For Sridevi Will Melt Your Heart  

You are in me, Khushi and in Papa!


To lose a parent and especially a mother, it is as if you have lost a purpose in life, it is as if you have lost a friend, a guiding force who knows you from the time even before you had stepped into this world. Who can experience and relate to Janhvi Kapoor’s situation better than me, who has already been in her shoes? It is sad, it is a deep knife twisted in your soul but above everything…for the person who has left you… You have to LIVE, you have to live with a SMILE on your face. Janhvi's message will make you cry... 


Janhvi's message to all teens...

She took to Instagram and shared a message which she wrote for her late mother and legendary Bollywood actress Sridevi. Janhvi mentioned that the love her parents had for each other is immortal and that nothing is more joyful but two people sharing the love for each other and inspiring the world with it.

Khushi and I have lost our mother, but Papa has lost his 'Jaan'.

Sridevi was more than just a mother or a wife or an actress, giving and taking love mattered a lot to her and she didn't understand things like jealousy, frustration, etc.  


Her kids are standing strong and need our support at this moment.

Dignity, strength and innocence are the things that best describe Sridevi, she gave us all some or the other thing or maybe a reason to smile. I would put my words to rest and leave you with all the wonderful comments that Janhvi's recent post received from fans around the world.  

aleenah999: "Lots of love to u frm nepal .. I hope one day u make ur mom very proud n I wish u al d best for ur movie .. m xcited for tht ... god bless u."

shariff_yasin: "Hope u spread the love as she did n gain the respect as Sridevi mam had..atb"

pinky.shah1512: "Happy birthday dear. Now it's your turn to fulfil her dream. U have to take her place in Bollywood. She is alive and her blessings r with you and Khushi."

sunshine_1863: "God bless u...n your film will rock on the silver screen...wish u debut with the super blaster hit."

kgoyal466: "Be strong dear Janhvi...Ur Mom Sridevi ji was a great lady, great person, great soul. She is always with u...RIP to her soul n stay blessed Janhvi.. U r a strong daughter of a strong lady, who struggled in life to be a superstar. So, have patience n take care of urself as well as Khushi."

dhanikatandon: "Happy birthday Janhvi. We all see mam in you ❤ and I hope God bless you with a lot more courage and strength ..and all d love from my mom."