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From Fragile to Substantial: Here's What Has Helped in Liberating Females

There has been a drastic change in the way the fairer sex is being projected today than they were a decade or more earlier. Ever wondered how the female force today emerged as strong and independent? Despite the various traditions and social pressures that a woman faces even today, there have been practices which have benefitted the evolution of a female as an individual - knowingly or unknowingly.A female is no more compartmentalised along the dimensions of virginity, marriage, and kids. She has, in fact, emerged as a superwoman achieving milestones and creating impact in several other lives as well.Read on to acknowledge what all helped the women who had been house restrained for ages, come out and create a space for herself in the world today.

#1. It’s a girl : Trials begin right from birth.

Unless a family has a special preference for a girl child, ‘a boy’ is always in demand. This was a common scenario few years back irrespective of a rural or urban setup. Humility, therefore came without learning for a majority of girls. As a result, she valued what she learnt and did not take it for granted. Gradually, she came out of her shell to conquer the world. This is one of the primal reasons why today, we witness a drastic change in the persona of girls and not in boys. Outcome: Knowledge.

#2. Over-pampered boys lost it to girls.

Pampering of the boys has weakened their own identity. The laadla of the house was born to enjoy the luxuries of life. The downside was it increased the male dependency over females. While the men were devoid of the art of sustaining themselves, the women constantly enhanced their skill set.Outcome: Expertise.

#3. Education empowered girls.

Since the female valued the importance of knowledge and learning, she took steps to build a mind of her own. She formed an opinion about everything around her. She felt the power from within. She realised she has the power to change her life.Outcome: Power.

#4. Survival of the fittest: She learnt it from the social setup.

She gained the discretion ability to realise that she needs to be at par with the male fraternity to mark her presence. She realised that she has to be able to compete in order to sustain. This gave her the kick to prove herself.Outcome: Motivation.

#5. She felt the power to find her identity.

With increased awareness and knowledge base, she felt the urge to discover her strength and question her existence. She realised she had the power to move out and that she can make a difference. She became sure of the fact that there is life beyond the territory.Outcome: Self awareness.

#6. She kept moving ahead without pushing back her male counter parts.

Rome was not built in a day. The change wasn’t overnight. The modification which we are witnessing today took years to emerge. Women kind of overpowered her male counterpart. The point to be noted here is that she did not demean her parallel, in fact, she worked on herself. She extended her line of potential, and did not shorten the one possessed by her male equivalent.Outcome: Superiority.

#7. The outlook and attitude of the society changed.

There was a gradual change in how the society accepted the changed woman. Right from coming out of the stereotypical roles to accepting her in careers which were once thought to belong only to men, the society had a major contribution in it. The women felt empowered. Today, a women expects help from her partner as never before. She is no more than just a childbearing machine. She is by and large treated as an individual. Ironically, I cannot forget to mention that exceptions still exist.Outcome: Acceptance and confidence.

#8. The flip-side.

It is great to live in a society full of empowered and liberated female fraternity. As it is rightly said, ‘ladki badlegi to soch badlegi aur usi se samaj badlega.’ Despite all the goodness associated with the upliftment of women, certain pejoratives have emerged uninvited. Arrogance, ego and pride have ruined relationships and domestic environments. I personally believe gender discrimination should exist for all the right reasons. It has nothing to do with demeaning the fairer sex. While a female has the warmth and empathy to nurture a child, a male is physically strong to do the challenging tasks. Let's not try to switch roles or start a competition in the name of gender equality.However, I also completely agree that the world would go back to the primitive days if the female puts back her ghoonghat and takes a backseat. Men would again take up the dominating position. I am not against men here, but the social structure is designed in such a manner.Let's build a society that respects men and women with equal dignity and respect. Feel free to pour in your suggestions in the comment section below.Cover image source: Quartz