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Is Speed Dating the Next Big Boom for All Hopeless Singles? 

In an era where overprotective fathers are trying to get hold of an "acchi job, own house, well-settled damaad," girls and guys of the generation wish to try things their way, the fast way, the different way. Welcome to the world of speed-dating where things are fast but not very furious. Just like every new thing in this country, speed dating has got its own share of bitter-sweet stories and how it has brought about a change in the lives of millennials. With growing need of having someone constantly around us, we have managed to break the code via speed dating where potential partners meet each other in a setup and decide to take things further.   Here are my ramblings about the dynamics of speed dating and how Indians are accepting it.

What exactly is speed dating and how to go about with it?  

Ever heard the saying 'pehli nazar mein mujhe usse pyaar ho gaya'?   Speed-dating expects you to have an exaggerated form of that very saying in your mind when you go for one. Various meetups of such sort have taken place in India, and people have gone ahead with sharing their experiences with Hindi-language daily newspaper Amar Ujala.    

"When I went there, to attend a speed dating event, I saw 10 men and I was searching for the best man," 29 YO Shruti shared with a news portal.

Speed dating is the millennial's version of swayamvar.

It wouldn't be wrong to call speed dating a modern age swayamvar where the only difference is that you are asked to meet new people and talk to them for a while and then decide whether you want to take things further or not. 

Chemistry is your heaviest weapon in speed-dating.

One has to simply build a rapport on common interest and inclination when speed-dating. Dump the idea of extensive observance and information, live in the six-eight minutes that you are given with a partner and then decide whether they can be of any good to you or not.  

What if he is not my types?  

Usually, when people go on a date, they tend to have this thought in the back of their mind. But, guess what? In speed dating, if you won't gel in or get along with one person, or for that matter two people, you have other options too and I am sure most of the people usually end up getting at least one person with whom they can take things further and give it a try. It need not be love or dating, people can also find new friends and cherish relations with this method.  

Does this actually work, how serious are people about speed dating? 

Many people have been seen smiling and giggling at the events organised by some speed-dating event managing organisations who plan meetups and bring busy professionals and all those people who wish to date together. In fact, even online speed dating is taking the Internet to a whole new road of matchmaking.  

Life of Line

With growing users on Tinder and people searching for a match, many organisations like Life of Line (LOL) provide a safe environment to people who wish to sit and talk about their dating expectations. Shahmat Hussain, a Bangalore based technical-writer shared his experience of speed dating and told Telangana Today that: 

“Such events are indeed helpful for those who are looking to connect with new people. I found a match on Tinder. I had no idea about this person. We met at a coffee shop and had an earnest conversation. We kept in touch after that and are friends now,”

Is India accepting the new concept of dating? 

People are approaching speed-dating with different perspectives. While we always argue about a glass being half-filled with water and half-empty. Some people think of speed dating as a smart option for modern-day dating and some people find it completely bogus and a place where miss match of wavelengths and thoughts take place. Basically, different people have different thoughts on this. 

What about the creeps you meet at such places? 

Creeps can be a big turn-off when you visit a place especially to find someone who you might date shortly. Security is a major concern for all organisers who plan and execute such events. To combat that, “We make sure we personally talk to all those invited to the event, especially the guys. It’s to weed out those who don’t seem right, and also to get similar-minded people together,” says Lovestruck’s Rahul Maheshwari to Indian Express. He is the country manager for Datetix, which is working towards setting up a formal speed dating culture in India.

Why can you give speed-dating a try? 

You can find tiny happiness in the entire process and experience. Whether or not you find a partner, you actually get a chance to talk to a person of the opposite sex and understand the psyche. Modern love is far away from satisfying and being constant, but it is also not boring to try such things as long as you know where you are heading with it.  That's all, folks.